Malaysian Training

We are proud of our second site established in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, in conjunction with our business partners D’viation Solutions of Malayasia. Working together over the last four years, we have a strong partnership that provides top class EASA/UK CAA training, based at D’viations excellent facilities.

All aircraft type courses are certified under CATTS  UK CAA / EASA approval (UK.147.0077). Malaysian certification is also available - call to discuss.

Aimed at both commercial customers and private individuals, our aim is to provide the best possible training, at competitive pricing.

D’viation also provide a wide variety of related training including 147 Basics and associated courses.


We have successfully completed A320, A330, A320 to 330, B737 and more courses in:

  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Vietnam

Through D’viations strong industry connections, we can also arrange practical  training for most aircraft types. If you are a commercial organisation and looking for bespoke training courses, contact us to discuss your needs.


For those considering travel to Malaysia, D’viation can assist with excellent accommodation and local transport  at very reasonable prices.

See here for accommodation details. Good hotel rooms from £20 per night and suites from £30 per night. Why not complete your training while enjoying fantastic Kuala Lumpur? Great climate, friendly people, fabulous city, close to superb beaches, lots of nightlife and good value restaurants and almost everyone speaks English. 

And of course, you could always take a few hours to follow in James Bond footsteps and visit the Skywalk between the Petronas Towers !